The Location and Map of Hawkins Finally Revealed

Stranger Things fans have been speculating the location of Hawkins, Indiana, for a long time, but they need speculate no more. The official companion book Worlds Turned Upside Down provides the answer. The book includes an 11″x15″ map of Hawkins, and at the bottom shows the town’s location in Indiana. It’s is in the northeastern part of the state, about halfway between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. I plugged it on the following map in red.



That just so happens to be where I situated Hawkins in my fanfiction trilogy: about an hour and a half drive northeast from Indianapolis. (See this chapter in particular.) It’s interesting that most fans favored either a northwestern or southwestern location. (See this Reddit discussion.)

As for the map itself, it doesn’t indicate the homes of individual characters, like the Wheeler residence, the Byers residence, etc., but I took the liberty of putting those in, using red circles and blue labels; and other places, like the junkyard, Meldvald’s Store, and the places where Will was initially attacked by the Demogorgon, and where El flipped the van. (Click on the map for full resolution, street names, schools, police station, etc.)



World’s Turned Upside Down was released the day before Halloween, but it’s a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who hasn’t obtained it yet. I recommend it highly. City Book Review review and Fanbase Press provide more details.

4 thoughts on “The Location and Map of Hawkins Finally Revealed

    • Hawkins is almost exactly half way between South Bend and Fort Wayne. Using Lake Tippecanoe as a landmark, you’ll find it just north of a town called Warsaw.

  1. I guess this makes since for travel times, but makes zero sense as far as geography goes. The land here is very flat and would be more cornfields than the forests we see. I could see it a little further north in gas city/Marion but it’s still very flat land in general. I always assumed more of a Martinsville or terre haute made more sense geographically.

  2. The Hawkins map is just a map of Marion with labels changed and some locations added. The descriptions from the show put it at about Marion and the town of Marion has the same population size and a mall. Zoom in on google maps. You’ll see the main highways through town and the train tracks match perfectly.

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