Autumn Blood: A Review in Pictures

There are few films that deliver on the strength of visuals alone, but the Austrian thriller Autumn Blood (2011) is one of them. It was released only last year in the U.S., and to a surprisingly poor reception. It’s about a teenager (played by Sophie Lowe) and her younger brother (Maximilian Harnisch) who live in the Tyrol mountains, and when their mother unexpectedly dies they are assaulted by three men from the town below. The story itself is rather simple and archetypal, but the style is extraordinary. There is very little dialogue, and the microcosm of the untouched mountainside is breathtaking. Think The Sound of Music meets Straw Dogs. Here are some images.

Autumn Blood_00003

Autumn Blood_00004

Autumn Blood_00005

Autumn Blood_00008

Autumn Blood_00012

Autumn Blood_00013

Autumn Blood_00079

Autumn Blood_00019

Autumn Blood_00024

Autumn Blood_00026

Autumn Blood_00028

Autumn Blood_00029

Autumn Blood_00035

Autumn Blood_00037

Autumn Blood_00042

Autumn Blood_00043

Autumn Blood_00044

Autumn Blood_00046

Autumn Blood_00045

Autumn Blood_00048

Autumn Blood_00049

Autumn Blood_00054

Autumn Blood_00056

Autumn Blood_00059

Autumn Blood_00065

Autumn Blood_00068

Autumn Blood_00070

Autumn Blood_00071

Autumn Blood_00072

Autumn Blood_00075

Autumn Blood_00016

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