Republicans in the House, Democrats in the Senate

I sort of like the idea of Republicans controlling the House, Democrats controlling the Senate, and a libertarian-leaning president sitting the Oval Office. That last is a pipe dream at this point, but it looks like the first two will soon be realized. According to the 538, as of today (Sept 4, 2022):

Look on the bright side. The House is the only place where tax bills can start, and with Republicans in charge we needn’t worry much about that. A Democrat dominated Senate is good because it will block any legislation generated by the more toxic Republicans (like a national abortion ban). So from where I sit, things are looking up.

6 thoughts on “Republicans in the House, Democrats in the Senate

  1. I too think a libertarian leaning president would be a surprise (a welcome one).

    I think Justin Amash might be a good pick. But it will probably not come true.

  2. I like your analysis; very level-headed, and offering a perspective that can’t be found in mainstream publications. My main concern with Republicans taking the House is the incumbent GOP representatives who are already threatening impeachment proceedings against Biden: The only threat that has any legs whatsoever is the one concerning Biden’s level of involvement in Hunter’s business deals during his time as Vice President (and if enough evidence DOES surface to support the claim that he violated the Constitution, then yes, the proceedings should move forward), but it’s pretty obvious that the incumbent Republicans are pushing for this for purely partisan reasons; I remember that there were numerous partisanship-fueled impeachment attempts against Bush Jr. and Obama that ultimately went nowhere due to cooler heads prevailing, but in his time as House Minority Leader, McCarthy has had a track record of caving into partisan pressure against the best interests of the U.S., and if the basis for a 3rd impeachment trial in less than 5 years ends up being partisanship-fueled rather than supported by evidence, then I genuinely fear the repercussions that lie ahead for the political divisions in this country.

    I also think we still have a long road to recovery when it comes to the partisan obstructionism that became dominant in Congress during the Obama/Trump years; the only way I see it getting phased out in favor of more compromise-based legislation is when the decades-long members of Congress who architected that approach in the first place either retire or pass away (many of them are now in their 70’s/80’s, so the process *could* begin in 10-20 years’ time, but still a long way to go even under the best of circumstances).

    • Good points. I’m not wild about Republicans taking the House, but if I had to choose, I’d have them in the House and Dems in the Senate. But you’re right about the partisan agendas.

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