Cocytus: The Frozen Floor of Hell (Circle 9 Preview)

Part 1 of my Inferno tour consists of eleven cantos covering Circles 1-7, and Part 2 is also eleven cantos, but covering Circle 8 alone. Circle 9 is coming soon, and it will be only two cantos, covering the frozen floor of Hell. Here’s a preview of who I’ll find there. Note that even though Circle 9 is divided into four zones, they are all the same punishing ground: a lake of ice. The souls of traitors are frozen here, with the worst traitors closest to the circle’s center where Lucifer is.

Zone 1: Traitors against Kin

  • Kashyapa I of Sri Lanka (473 AD). Acquired the throne by overthrowing his father and usurping his brother who was the rightful heir to the throne. Then he killed his father by entombing him inside a wall.
  • Mehmed the Conqueror (1453 AD). After the conquest of Constantinople (making it Istanbul), he wrote brutally harsh laws, including the Law of Governance, which stipulated that anyone who succeeded to the Sultan’s throne could slay his brothers so they could not try claiming or usurping the throne.
  • All honor killers (throughout history) who murdered their daughters/sisters. The vast majority being Muslim (currently 91% globally).

Zone 2: Traitors against Country

  • Ephialtes of Trachis (September 8, 480 BC). Betrayed his homeland, letting the Greeks get slaughtered at Thermopyle, hoping to be rewarded by the Persians.
  • Benedict Arnold (September 21, 1780). Started fighting for America in the Revolutionary War, then defected to the Brits.
  • The White House mob (January 6, 2021). Instigated a riot at the Capitol building, in defiance of legitimate election results.

Zone 3: Traitors against Guests or Hosts

  • William Crichton (November 24, 1440). Invited the 16-year old Earl of Douglas and his 10-year old brother to Edinburgh Castle as guests, and then beheaded them both (the Black Dinner).
  • John Dalrymple, Robert Duncanson, Thomas Drummond, and Robert Campbell (February 13, 1692). Accepted hospitality from Clan MacDonald and then murdered their hosts in their sleep (the Massacre of Glencoe).

Zone 4: Traitors against Lords

  • Lee Harvey Oswald (November 22, 1963). Assassinated his president, John F. Kennedy.
  • Ygal Amir (November 4, 1995). Assassinated his prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin.

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