3 thoughts on “The Political Compass in D&D Terms

  1. Indeed, the Left comes out smelling like a rose on this scale. The good-evil poles would make better sense vertically (authoritarian evil, libertarian good), but then law-chaos wouldn’t make sense at all on the horizontal, which is about economics.

  2. For those who are confused about the good/evil part being left/right.
    It’s propably better to replace left/right socialism/liberalism.

    Good in dnd terms doesnt mean ‘good’ by the definition of the word. It means putting the people, the community before yourself.
    Evil in dnd doesnt mean literally ‘evil’. It is more used to describe a person focusing on self interests (or egoism if you want to have a negative word for it) rather then on community.

    Looking at it this way makes the good/evil distribution make more sense:

    Good is socialism, which is a system who’s ideals is to make life better for everyone even at the detriment of limiting the individual. It is about having the power be in the hands of the community. (Doesn’t always work in practice. Just look at communistic states)

    Evil is liberalism, which is a system that focuses on people being indipenant and allowed to focuse on their self interests, even at the detriment of hurting the community. It is about controlling your power yourself. (Which also sometimes works better or worse)

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