A New Day

After nearly a decade on Blogger, The Busybody has come to WordPress. Blogger has been increasingly unreliable since the Google takeover, so I’ve migrated. I’ll be keeping the old blog up, so don’t fear: if you’ve linked to my posts over the years, they will be preserved. But the old posts are now on the new blog as well, and moving forward, I will only be posting at WordPress.

This first post will serve as a looking back on some of my popular hits from the past nine years (as Sitemeter reports them), which you can revisit below and see how things look in the new template.

Classic D&D Modules Ranked
50 Films I’d Save
Ellen Page

Historical Jesus Pick List
“Paul and the Law” Pick List
Context Group Essentials
Abraham the “Father of Everyone”?
Get Thee Behind Me, Subjective Genitive
Treachery at Antioch
Q, Thomas, and Killjoy Scholarship
The Fools Who Believe in Secret Mark

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