The Historical and Resurrected Wrong

In a recent post, The Biblioblog Top-50 vs. N.T. Wrong, Mark Goodacre notes the resurrected Wrong’s (The Bibliloblog Top-50’s) “failure to maintain the kind of subversive, counter-cultural, liberal persona” of his first incarnation. He’s “less fun” too. Is there something similar here to the historical vs. the resurrected Jesus? Perhaps even intended on the Kiwi’s part?

I’m glad to know Crossley’s SBL paper was well received. The nine-month phenomenon of N.T. Wrong merits the attention given by James. I find myself missing Wrong more and more each month, and oddly enough, having increased difficulty making the connection between the Biblloblog Top-50 and the first incarnation. But I suppose that’s as it should be.


3 thoughts on “The Historical and Resurrected Wrong

  1. I wonder if the artist formerly known as NT Wrong is having second thoughts about the Biblioblog Top 50. It's all change today, and a chance to see that he is, after all, something of a minimalist.

  2. Because all Kiwis come from New Zealand. But he didn't have time for Bib Top 50 – that wasn't him. He had much more entertaining things to pursue with other giants.

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