A Paranormal Movie Trailer

I’m wary about the hype for Paranormal Activity, a low-budget horror film released last night in select theaters. It’s being compared to The Blair Witch Project and is supposedly the most frightening thing to hit the screens in a long time. I’ll believe that when I see it (Blair Witch didn’t scare me at all), though the audience who screen tested it evidently felt terrorized. Watch them and it here.

5 thoughts on “A Paranormal Movie Trailer

  1. Perhaps horror movies are like hot chili, the more of them you take in, the less easily you are scared by them. I see very few and they tend to be very effective on me unless they are patently ridiculous. Blair Witch had me creeped out for a few days after I saw it.

  2. I think a major reason Blair Witch bored me to tears was that I grew up around forests. My friends and I got lost in the woods all the time and had fun doing it, so the premise of Blair Witch didn't spook me at all. But you're right that I don't scare easily in general.

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