The Dishonest Scrap Meme

Doug Chaplin has tagged me in a meme apparently started by James McGrath. The rules?

“You post five things about yourself. Four are untrue. One is true. All are so outlandish, implausible or ridiculous that no one would be inclined to believe that any of them are true. And despite the pleas from your readers, you never divulge which is true and which are fabrications. You then tag five other people (four seriously and one person you are pretty sure would never participate).”

Here goes:

(1) I’m a scaly creature who needs to bask in sunlight in order to pass as a human being, but too much sunlight poisons me.
(2) I had lunch with Anthony Hopkins and ordered liver with fava beans to celebrate.
(3) I know who NT Wrong is and sent him a Valentine six months ago.
(4) I’ve engaged in threesomes, rape role-playing, and fisting.
(5) I decided to invert the meme and tell four things true and one thing false.

And sorry, but I can’t bring myself to tag anyone for this beastie. But knock yourself out if you wish!

12 thoughts on “The Dishonest Scrap Meme

  1. I thought Loren's 5 was a nice twist, and I know he doesn't know NT Wrong. Is fisting distasteful? 😉 It might have encouraged Loren to eventually reveal the true one – or the wrong one – but I don't think that's a requirement of this meme. Forever puzzled. I suppose he could have had lunch with Anthony Hopkins – unless the liver and fava beans are too unlikely. I don't know what they are…

  2. I know you too well, and that (1) and (4) are true (Suzanne is right, how clever.) I'm pretty sure you've never met Anthony Hopkins, so (2) has got to be the false one, which means (3) is true. Looks like I've exposed you as scaly, “distasteful”, and wrong. 🙂

  3. Except that I know for an absolute fact that (1) and (4) are true. This makes (5) true by necessity, which means only (2) or (3) can be false. And I just know in my gut that Loren hasn't made any contact with the famous Anthony. So he must have done so with the infamous one.

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