Farewell, Videomat

With my favorite video store closing its doors after 25 long years of excellent service, I decided to hop on the Netflix bandwagon. From this day on I rent my DVDs either through the mail at great bargain prices, or at the public library for free. I certainly won’t darken the doors of Blockbuster for ridiculous prices and incompetently unalphabetized chaos; they never have half the films I’m looking for, and their days are numbered anyway. Netflix’s service is simply amazing.

But I’ll miss my trips to the local store. Rest in glory, Videomat, and best of luck to managers Kevin and Dorothy. Nashua won’t be the same without you.

One thought on “Farewell, Videomat

  1. The expensive multi-day rental service is indeed hemmed in on all sides: the success of Netflix in becoming synonymous with mailed DVD rentals, the explosion of downloaded videos both legal and illegal, the introduction of inexpensive 1-day rentals at kiosks at grocery stores for those “blockbusters” that just hit DVD, and just the depression generally putting a stop on the impulse to blow four bucks on a movie rental. (I have no idea why all the national chains for movie rentals charge very high prices, while all the one-owner shops are discount joints… surely there must have been a capitalist who saw the success of the latter and decided to franchise it, … but it hasn't happened.)

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