Zeichmann Reviews Crossley

Be sure to check out Chris Zeichmann’s review of Crossley’s Jesus in an Age of Terror. I wrote one last month for the Nashua Public Library, and Leonard Ridge had a few things to say on this blog. Incidentally, as of today, the U.S. release of this book has been pushed back to June 15 — at least according to Title Source. So if you want to read it soon, order from the U.K.

UPDATE: See Crossley’s detailed response to Zeichmann’s review, as well as his comment under my review for the Nashua Public Library.

3 thoughts on “Zeichmann Reviews Crossley

  1. Thanks Loren. Hmmm better double check that. I’ve come across some strange publication dates before so it might just be one of those. I think the book has been distributed by the US distribution so…well, we’ll see I suppose.I’ve been meaning to respond (busy, busy, busy…and Hobbins was just too tempting) and will soon. Though I must say I found Leonard’s the most fun… 😉

  2. I’ll keep an eye on Title Source. At the library today we received notification that our order for your book has been cancelled because of the postponed release date (6/15). (I have my own copy, of course, that I ordered earlier from the U.K.) Title Source is usually reliable about this stuff, but I guess we’ll see.

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