Blog Gender

According to the Gender Analyzer, The Busybody is 96% likely to be male. That’s funny. I’m used to being told that I’m heavily in touch with my feminine side.


2 thoughts on “Blog Gender

  1. It got both Judy Redman and April DeConick wrong, and it scored Dorothy King at 50% though leaning on toward the female side, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My guess is that academics are being thought of as “male” and shoe-shopping “female”. Not a terrible assumption to make on the internet, but it’s quite simply a wrong one to make.Chris

  2. When I checked, it said about my blog: We guess is written by a man (50%), however it’s quite gender neutral.I am wondering why, when it scored 50%, they would guess that it’s written by a man, rather than simply saying it’s gender neutral.It also got Suzanne McCarthy wrong, but not by as much as April. It was correct about Rachel Barenblat, though – perhaps because she includes more personal information on her blog.

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