FAQ’s about The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled

Check out Peter Jeffery’s excellent answers to the following FAQ’s about his book:

Morton Smith was an eminent scholar in his day, how can you feel justified in presenting such a negative picture of him in The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled?

Your book is full of innuendos and suggestions that Morton Smith was mentally ill. Aren’t you simply resorting to ad hominem attacks that are inappropriate in a scholarly publication?

I knew Morton Smith very well, and the man I knew was not at all like the one you portray in your book. How can you write that way about someone you never even met?

Isn’t it unfair to accuse Morton Smith of forgery when he’s not around to defend himself?

Isn’t it true that, because you are a practicing Catholic, you cannot abide the possibility that an ancient document might contradict your church’s doctrinal stance? Isn’t that your real reason for going after Smith’s discovery?

But your book consistently denigrates Smith for not believing as you do, beginning from the acknowledgements: “I pray for the late Morton Smith–may God rest his anguished soul.” You seem to write throughout from a position of contemptuous superiority.

Why not just have the manuscript scientifically tested? The jury will be out until that happens.

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