Waiting for the Stars to Fall

Lorenzo DiTommaso has an RBL review of The Stars Will Fall from Heaven: Cosmic Catastrophe in the New Testament and Its World, by Edward Adams. Wright fans who doubt the conclusive evidence for a literal belief in the end of the world by the time of Jesus really need to read this book. It surveys both Jewish and classical literature, and even ends on a suggestion that environmental responsibility and apocalypticism aren’t necessarily incompatible. I’ve been meaning to review it myself but have been neglecting the blog lately (and reading too much high-brow literary fiction instead).


One thought on “Waiting for the Stars to Fall

  1. Just finished reading diTommasios review. I think he makes a fair judgement of Adam´s excellent book. But I suppose no matter what evidence Adam´s and others dig up about the apocalyptic worldview of Jesus and the first Christians bishop Wright and Chris Tilling will go on denying what is pretty obvious.

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