Chris Heard Reviews Expelled

Chris Heard saw Expelled and wrote a terrific review. In his view, the film tries supporting four claims and — what a surprise — fails each time:

(1) Expelled claims that a Darwinian academic-media-judicial establishment ruthlessly and systematically suppresses discussion of intelligent design.

(2) Expelled claims that the intelligent design movement offers a legitimate scientific challenge to modern evolutionary theory.

(3) Expelled claims that “Darwinism” leads (almost) inevitably to atheism.

(4) Expelled claims that “Darwinism” devalues human life and, as a result, was a necessary condition for the emergence of Nazi atrocities.

I was particularly amused to learn that the film uses Jonathan Wells while trying to argue (point 2) that ID is actually motivated by science. That’s amusing. But read Chris’ entire review. As so often (but especially in recent weeks), he’s remarkably patient in dealing with nonsense from all quarters.

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