How clean are we?

Put your blog through this website rater and see how appropriate it is for young readers. Most of the biblioblogs appear to be rated G, though mine is PG.

I went down my blogroll and put every URL through the rater. Here’s a round-up:

Rated G

Mark Goodacre
Stephen Carlson
Jim Davila
Chris Heard
April DeConick
James Crossley
Phil Harland
Rick Brannan
Brandon Wason
Chris Weimer
Jim West

Rated PG

Loren Rosson
Tyler Williams
Michael Turton
Chris Petersen
Rick Sumner
Michael Bird

Rated NC-17

Michael Pahl

Take with a grain of salt. Chris Petersen should have easily passed a G-rating, but his discussions about “death” kick it down to PG. And look at Michael Pahl! Who would have thought our exemplary evangelical delved into necrophilia and other morbid issues… no, not really — like Chris, he’s just into eschatology. The rating device simply generates key-word counts devoid of context. It works in some cases (I think my PG-rating is appropriate), but not all.

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