The Intolerant Gospel

Library Journal reviews Gerd Ludemann’s Intolerance and the Gospel, Prometheus. Dec 2006. ISBN 1-59102-468-4.

“Ludemann challenges the gradual move to toward liberal theology in the 20th century. Specifically, he critiques pluralism and the need for tolerance in social thought while employing historical-critical methods of biblical scholarship… A solid and compelling piece of scholarship, the book often reads as an apologetic treatise, with Ludemann engaging what he sees as an incongruousness between religious pluralism, which champions tolerance, and the biblical text, which is inherently intolerant.” (12/06, p 131)

This sounds like a sequel of sorts to the author’s Resurrection of Christ, which argued against liberal interpretations of the resurrection (as much as conservative ones), urging that Christianity is obsolete and should be abandoned. Sure to be controversial, like all of Ludemann’s writings.


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