Poll: From Galatians to Romans

In preparation for my outline and commentary of Romans (soon to be posted), I’m taking a poll regarding the shifts in thought between Galatians and Romans. Please feel free to vote on the side, and/or leave comments under this blogpost.


2 thoughts on “Poll: From Galatians to Romans

  1. I struggled to choose here, because I think it’s a close race between a different church, and a genuine change in his theology. I ultimately opted for the latter, because I don’t see a large portion of Romans as being as [i]ad hoc[/i] as it is frequently described; I suspect a genuine internal struggle underlies it.Though, at the same time, it could well be that I’m but another taken in by Pauline rhetoric.

  2. Thanks Rick. I certainly think there was a genuine change in some cases, most notably from Gal 3:19-26 to Rom 7:7-25. As Sanders notes, Paul’s anguish in Rom 7 is too acute not to be personal and authentic.

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