Limited Edition Lord of the Rings DVDs

Thanks to Jacob from the newly launched Grey Havens for mentioning an upcoming treat:

“Three Lord of the Rings Limited Edition sets, one for each movie, will hit store shelves on August 29. Each two-disc set will include the original theatrical and the extended versions of the film, along with Costa Botes’ feature-length documentary on each film’s creation… How can they do this? By using a ‘branching’ format that gives you a visual cue to view an extended scene if you want to while you’re watching the film.”

Like Jake, I can’t understand why anyone would want to watch the inferior theatrical versions. And the visual cues will end up wrecking the viewer’s experience in any case. Still, as a hard-core fan I’ll be getting these for the documentaries alone, and even if this is a shameless way for New Line to make more money.


One thought on “Limited Edition Lord of the Rings DVDs

  1. Bah, humbug! The extended edition DVD’s have more than enough documentaries and other extras to satisfy me. Perhaps in another 10 years I’ll buy the 3-D High Definition set.

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