The Luminous Dusk

Eerdmans is releasing Dale Allison’s The Luminous Dusk at the end of June.

“For millennia humans knew the stars as well as they knew their own backyards. Yet many of us have lost both this and other vital connections with our natural world, and so have in many ways lost our sense of wonder.

“In the thoughtful, genre-bending nonfiction tradition of Wendell Berry and Walker Percy, Dale Allison charts the effects of loss of wonder in Western society. Drawing on insights from ancient creation myths to the popularity of cartoon animals, he highlights our ongoing disconnection from the cosmos, tracing its spiritual and philosophical impact. In eight elegant and profound essays, The Luminous Dusk calls readers to a life of sustained wonder, open to the divine and connected to the creation, a life that chooses divine ascent over our culture’s reflexive mediocrity.”

Anything by Dale Allison is something to look forward to, no matter what your philosophical leanings are. Just added to my summer reading list.


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